Audio | Jeff Corwin, Ocean Mysteries & Ocean Treks

“For many years we’ve had the amazing opportunity of working with Emmy award winning TV host Jeff Corwin. From recording sessions for Disney Studios to working on his TV shows Ocean Mysteries and Ocean Treks, we’ve come to know an amazing person with a deep passion for animals and the environment. Jeff’s enthusiasm for what he does, and the way …

Audio | DMI Marketing (Jordan Rich)

I had the absolute pleasure of working with the amazing Jordan Rich from Chart Productions in Braintree, MA on an upcoming video voiceover for DMI Marketing.

Saxophone | Ink Me Up (Splatoon)

Ink Me Up (“Ink Me Up Inside!” – just kidding) is the Splatfest theme from the original Nintendo Wii U game, Splatoon. With Splatoon 2 just around the corner to launch at the end of summer, I preemptively arranged this thinking most of my students were going to jump right on the hype train as it closely approaches. Below is …

Saxophone | ARMS (ARMS)

Nintendo’s new charming original fighting game, ARMS, launched last week. To kick off that launch, I arranged Loeder’s original midi transcription to be suited for saxophone playing. Below is both an alto and tenor saxophone arrangement. Arms – Alto Saxophone Arms – Tenor Saxophone

Saxophone | I’ll Be Your 1-UP Girl (The Odyssey) (Super Mario Odyssey)

Below is my alto and tenor saxophone transcription of “I’ll Be Your 1-UP Girl (The Odyssey)” from the upcoming Nintendo Switch game, Super Mario Odyssey as performed during the 2017 E3 Trailer reveal. Many of my students were requesting this and it is incredibly catchy! I’ll Be Your 1-Up Girl – Alto Saxophone I’ll Be Your 1-Up Girl – Tenor …